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Student Testimonials

In the Words of our Students.

3rd Grade Student T.

I am so thankful to be at Denbigh Baptist Christian School for many reasons. First, is because I get to learn about God and go to chapel. We start off with pledges in the morning and two of them have to do with God. It really means something to us here. You do not do this in a public school.

I also like it here because my subjects are more challenging. My favorite thing is that the teachers are really nice. Mrs. P is my teacher, and she is really nice and always helps me. We do fun activities to help us learn and be better students. It helps me with math and it is now my favorite subject. Math is hard and fun all at the same time.

My other favorite thing to do is write letters to my favorite teachers about being thankful. My teacher is fun and teaches us a lot. I feel I have become a lot smarter ever since I have started coming here. One day I might even be a teacher, so that I can help others learn.

3rd Grade Student R.

I am so thankful to be at Denbigh Baptist Christian School for many reasons. The first is, every time I walk into my classroom I feel that it is my family away from home. Another reason is I know that in public school they do not learn about the Bible like we do here. I am so thankful that my parents are letting me learn about the Word of God.

I am also thankful for our desks, books, tables, a board, and a nice teacher like Mrs. P. Resources like P.E., art, computers, and music are also nice to have. I am thankful for the nice ladies at lunch who make sure we have a clean table to eat on. Miss Julie who keeps our school clean is even nice. She works with a smile all the time.

It is just such a blessing to have parents that want me to be here at DBCS. A lot of kids do not have an opportunity to go to a Christian private school where pledges are said to the Bible and the Christian Flag. These are my rights as a Christian and I am grateful to God for them.

4th Grade Student R.

I attend Denbigh Baptist Christian School in Newport News, Virginia. It is a private Christian School. I love this school. There are so many great teachers! The best part is that they are allowed to teach us Bible and pray with us. I also have made a lot of good friends at this school. Whether they are Christian or not, they will have the opportunity to become one. We also learn a lot too! All of our books revolve around God. We also are ahead in some subjects like Math which is very good. My friends and I are also very creative at recess as well. We love to make up creative games. We also get a good amount of recess, around 45 minutes or so.

We also get the privilege of going to chapel and hearing teachers, principals, and even guest speakers! WE also pray along with hearing speakers and saying pledges. We say them to the Christian flag, American flag, and Bible.

Another privilege we have is getting to go to different resources. We go to lunch, recess, chapel, art, P.E., computers, library, and music. That is lots of fun!

I am very blessed with getting to come to Denbigh. It is a great school! I also thank my parents for the large fee they pay for me to attend this school. Thank you!

4th Grade Student J.

I am thankful to go to this school because I have friends. At my old school I had no friends. At this school my whole class is my friends. They help me get through hard times. Like when I miss my Mom they will comfort me.

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my grandparents. They let me come here because my other school shut down. That's because there wasn't enough kids for the fifth grade the next year. So I am very happy my grandparents let me come here.

This is the best school I have ever been to. I am happy to have Miss Keating as my teacher. Thanks for listening.

5th Grade Student C.

I'm thankful that my parents put me here because I became safer and smarter. I have the best time learning about the Bible. I'm glad that my friends and I are able to talk about Jesus Christ. I'm glad that my parents have enough money for me and my sister to go to DBCS. I'm glad that the teachers discipline us instead of letting us run wild. I'm glad that here we can praise God.

5th Grade Student M.

I am thankful to go to the school I am at because it has a good system. It has a good system because you do something bad you get punished. It's great here too, because the teachers love you and care for you. They get mad at us because they love us and that's what I mostly like about this school. We have more freedom of speech. We can actually say "we love God." I love the way the teachers teach us because they don't want to let us fail. We have a safer environment, meaning you have to stay together and take partners to go to the bathroom. In a public school people are even afraid to go to the bathroom. They might get badly hurt by another person. Also, the teachers teach us discipline. Discipline is an important thing to help you in life.